Field Hockey

  • 4 years varsity, lettered ’91, ’92, ’93, Tri Captain ’93
  • CAL All-League ’92, ’93
  • CAL Player of the Year ’93
  • Boston Globe All-Scholastic ’93
  • “Best of 60” All-Star game
  • Coach freshmen 1996 then Assistant Coach ’97- ’02


  • 4 years starting varsity, Tri Captain ’94
  • Led team in rebounds ’92, ’93 and ’94


  • 4 years starting varsity center fielder, Tri Captain ’93 and ’94
  • Lifetime statistics 128 hits, 102 RBI’s, .466 Batting Avg.
  • CAL All-League ’93, ’94
  • Boston Globe All-Scholastic 1994

1994 Newburyport News Female Athlete of the Year

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Tiffany Clark was born to be an athlete.  When she entered Amesbury High School as a freshman, she showed so much desire and raw talent that she instantly stood out as a bright young star with enormous potential.  Her decision making in all sports was completely instinctive.  She was hungry for success and attacked every practice and game with enthusiasm and intensity.  She loved her teammates and being with them every day was important to her. Twelve sport seasons after entering AHS Tif graduated having earned 11 varsity letters, was captain of 3 sports, and was a Boston Globe      All-Scholastic player in field hockey and softball and received the 1994 MIAA Outstanding Sportsmanship Award.


In the fall of her freshmen year during early preseason practices Coach Chris Perry told field hockey Coach Gail Kelleher that Tif would be the hidden gem in this very talented freshman class.  She did not remain hidden for long.  By October 1st, Tif was a very important part of the varsity team.  Intense focus and passion were a part of her nature; and coupled with her innate athletic skills and her strong dedication to becoming a better player, she soon became the starting midfielder.


Tif played during a time when many changes were taking place in the game of field hockey.  For the first time in the history of the game, an obstruction rule was changed and this encouraged more creative stick work. A never-before-seen skill popped up in the game and for the next dozen years it became known as the Tiffany Spin.  She was a master at avoiding players by performing the spin to perfection.


The most impressive performance played during Gail Kelleher’s 40 years as a field hockey coach was played by Tif and her talented teammates in their senior year in what turned out to be the last tournament game of the season.  Another rule change stated that overtime games would be played in a 7v7 format with no substitutions allowed.  After running the full field for 75 minutes of play in a semi-final game vs. Hamilton-Wenham, Tif was an easy choice to be one of the players in the 7v7 sudden death overtime.   It was the only time in Coach Kelleher’s many years at the helm that she went from evaluating the game as a coach to enjoying the game as a spectator.  Mrs. Kelleher watched with awe at the guts and determination that it took to play at this level.  When the clock was running down, only one player on the field was still able to push herself to the max.  That was our Tif.  The game and the performance brought Mrs. Kelleher to tears.  Her comments to news writer Kristen Perry said it all.  “Today’s game and the season as a whole will stay in my mind and the player’s minds forever, one of those stories to tell your grandchildren.  They played hard all season.  They know how to be there for each other”.


For her outstanding play in field hockey Tif was a 2-time All-League Player and the Cape Ann League Player of the Year.  She was also recognized as a Boston Globe   All-Scholastic Player.  And finally, Tif was chosen as one of the best 15 seniors in the Northeast to play in the Best of 60 game.


During the winter sports season Tiffany brought her intensity to Coach Perry’s basketball team.  Basketball is not a game that comes easily to most players. Tif succeeded because she always practiced the right way. She attacked the game.  Tif played 4 years as a varsity team member and led the team in rebounds during 3 of those years.  She was a master at ripping down a defensive rebound and throwing a perfect baseball pass to a teammate who was fast breaking down the court.  She ruled in the paint and was impressive to watch.


Everyone knows about Coach Chris Perry and his astonishing success as a softball coach.  Tif warmly remembers Coach Perry mumbling “Come on Clark… Go Get ‘Em’ followed by a fist pump and “go get ’em” she did.   She was a 4-letter winner in softball as well as Tri-Captain during her senior year.  From the beginning she roamed center field becoming one of the best to ever play this position.  Her exceptional speed, her ability to make spectacular over the shoulder catches, and her gun of an arm were her badges of honor.  Her natural ability was a thing of beauty. Her pinpoint throws to catcher and buddy Michelle Cassavaugh caught many runners as they were sliding into home plate. Offensively during her 4 years Tif was one of the top players in offensive statistics finishing her high school career with a batting average of .446.  She also had a total of 16 homeruns, 128 hits, and 102 RBI’s.


For her extraordinary softball play, Tiffany was selected two times to the CAL             All-League team and was also honored as a Boston Globe All-Scholastic player.


Tiffany’s graduating class was arguably the strongest to ever play at AHS.  Not only were they gifted athletes but they were best friends as well.  Tif states emphatically that they supported and motivated her to be a better player and teammate.  To this day she remains close to Jodi Solamon, Shannon LeBlanc, Michelle Cassavaugh, and Cali Smithson.

Upon graduation Tif went to the University of Massachusetts for two years where she played field hockey at the Division 1 level.  When she transferred to Salem State in her junior year Coach Kelleher recruited Tif to coach the AHS freshmen team.  She was an amazing coach, especially considering that she was just a few years older than her players.  Ms. Tif, as she was known, brought much-needed intensity and focus to the members of her ninth-grade team. She was extremely eager to spend time learning more about the game and how to get the most out of the students who played for her.  Within a few years she moved to the JV level and was relied on to educate and evaluate players at all 3 levels.  She was a fabulous role model and all players loved and respected Ms. Tif.


Beyond any doubt Tiffany Clark Nigro deserves to be in the 2015 Athletic Hall of Fame.  As an athlete, a teammate, a player and a coach Tiffany accomplished it all.  Congratulations to Tiffany Clark Nigro, Class of 1994.

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