• 1952-1964


  • Reinstated a track program at AHS in 1952
  • Competed in the Northeast Conference
  • 1956   5 wins, 2 losses
  • 1957  undefeated 8-0 won the NEC league meet
  • 1958  undefeated 8-0 won the NEC league meet
  • Ranked 6th in the State
  • 1959  undefeated 8-0 won the NEC league meet
  • Ranked 4th in the State
  • 1960  undefeated 8-0 won the NEC league meet
  • Ranked 2nd in the State
  • 1961 undefeated 6-0-1
  • From 1956 -1961    43 wins, 2 losses and 1 tie

A legendary Track Coach and Math Teacher at Amesbury

The Girl’s MVP Track Award is named in his honor

The 1962 Yearbook was Dedicated to Him

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Mr. Fecteau began his teaching career at Amesbury High School in 1950 after college and after serving his country in the US Navy during World War I.

At some point early on he was asked to supervise “Class Day” which was a competition between freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors in athletic events, i.e. dashes, 3-legged races, climbing the flag pole, etc. Later. there being no organized boys’ spring events other than spring football, he was asked to “watch over” the boys who wanted to form a “workout group.” He agreed and thought that, while correcting papers, he would just be there for them in the stadium as the boys worked out.

He knew nothing about track, but he became interested in such a program and thus began an unofficial track team at AHS in 1952. The school had been a member of the Northeast Conference (NEC) in other sports and soon the AHS Track Team was competing in the NEC also. With the help of Harris Melia, they found school budget money for

NEC printed shorts and shirts for the team. The following year the team received sweatshirts and pants. Track shoes (spikes) were shared by team members.

The early years of competition were a struggle for wins” but by 1956. …. the team turned in a winning record of 5 wins and 2 losses, the best season since the renewal of the sport at AHS in 1952.

At the beginning of the 1957 season the team got off to a winning start winning their first five meets. However, on the team bus to their next meet in Winthrop, they were subdued, nervous and uptight because they remembered that the Winthrop team had bested them soundly the previous year. As they passed by a bar, Eddie Batal hollered-out; “Hey, if we win today we can stop here for a beer on the way home. The whole team cheered and that seemed to loosen them up. They beat Winthrop handily that day 54-23 and went on to five undefeated NEC seasons through 1961.

For the record:

  • 8-0 Undefeated in NEC and won the NEC Meet
  • 8-0 Undefeated in NEC and won the NEC Meet 6th in State
  • 8-0 Undefeated in NEC and won the NEC Meet 4th in State
  • 8-0 Undefeated in NEC and won the NEC Meet 2nd in State
  • 6-0-1 Undefeated in NEC one tie


In the words of David Lahait, AHS Class of 1959, football, basketball and track captain and 2015 inductee in the AHS Athletic Hall of Fame: Mr. Fecteau was very important in my life through high school and after. He was a real hero and mentor to me.”


Congratulations to inductee Bert Fecteau

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